About Trail Ribeira Sacra

Trail Ribeira Sacra is event that has been played in the last four years, becoming increasingly more in the annual testing calendar of its category. It consists of two tests, 24 and 47 kilometers respectively, through a circular route through the mountains of Nogueira de Ramuín and the surroundings of the Ribeira Sacra, offering landscapes and uniquely beautiful prints, which will make your participation a unique experience.


The Ribeira Sacra Trail event consists of two events: the 47km trail and the 24km short trail. From here you can know the characteristics of each of them.


Trail 47Kms.

Place of departure: Luintra Square "Luintra" Circular Circuit.
Departure time: 8:00h

Refreshments (there will be no glasses or bottles):
- 10,5 Km liquid and solid "Mirador de Moura"
- 18 Km liquid and solid "Parador San Estevo" CORTE 4 and a half hour of race
- 25 Km liquid and solid "A Rasa"
- 30 Km liquid and solid "Pe do Home" CORTE 7 and a half hour of race
- 47 Km liquid and solid "Meta"

View track (PDF) Download track FIT (.ZIP)

Shot Trail 24Kms.

Place of departure: Luintra Square "Luintra" Circular Circuit.
Departure time: 10:00h

Refreshments (there will be no glasses or bottles
- 10,5 Km liquid and solid "Mirador de Moura" CORTE 3 hour of race
- 18 Km liquid and solid "Parador San Estevo"
- 24 Km liquid and fruit "Meta"

View track (PDF) Download track GPX (.ZIP)


From here you can check and download the test regulations.

Download regulation V Trail Ribeira Sacra 2021 (PDF)

COVID-19 Clause and Health Declaration

Acceptance document of the COVID-19 standards of the test.

Download document (PDF)


From here you can check the result of your classification in the test.

Where to Stay

We offer some alternatives to stay on the days of the event.

Parador de Santo Estevo

+34 988 010 110

A Casa da Eira

+34 988 201 595

Hotel A Forxa

+34 988 201 025

Caserío de Fontes

+34 988 201 241

Casal das Bouzas

+34 988 200 159

O Casino da Rasa

+34 988 201 812

O Remanso dos Patos

+34 988 777 023

Rectoral de Armariz

+34 988 201 484

Os Terrados

+34 636 807 185

Motorhome area of Luíntra

Free, with potable water, gray sink and black sump (no toilets available).


Encourage yourself to volunteer!

Volunteering is another way to participate in Trail Ribeira Sacra, a sports and social event that integrates values such as effort, teamwork, perseverance, enthusiasm and respect for the environment and existing natural resources. From the organization we are aware of the valuable work carried out by the volunteer, their involvement and collaboration is vital to be able to organize this event.

If you want to contribute with us and be part of the values and principles shared by this great family, you can help us in:
- The route, to support the runners.
- The refreshments, providing drinks, food, and moral support to runners, so necessary to continue.
- The exit and goal, in various tasks, such as; delivery of numbers, reception of participants, tasting, awarding of prizes, etc.

You will be a great support, both in the days before and the day of the race itself. The only requirement is to have the desire to collaborate and contribute the best of each one.

Cheer up and contact us at info@trailribeirasacra.es.
We need you!

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